Electric Brakes

Australian road rules state that all trailers with a GTM exceeding 750kgs must have brakes. Fortunately, we have a large range of brake controls to suit your needs, including (but not limited to) the following:

Primus IQ

  • Brake control for up to 3 axles
  • Proportional trailer braking system, delivering power to the trailer brakes in direct ratio to the actual physical deceleration of the tow vehicle
  • Proportional in reverse for backing into tight spots
  • Three level "Boost" functionality, you can incrementally increase the sensitivity of the inertial sensor further enhancing braking (see below)
  • 2 digit LED readout to keep you informed of the electrical connection status, amount of voltage delivery to the trailer brakes
  • Self diagnosing features providing you with optimal visibility
  • "Plug & Tow" port for 2-plug adapters
  • Snap-in dash mounting kit (for easy removal)
  • Built in self levelling mechanism
Primus IQ Typical Boost Settings

Prodigy P2

  • Smartclick™ compatability offers plug & play functionality allowing a quick and easy connection to any Smartclick™ Brake Control Body Harness
  • Electric trailer brake control for up to 4 braking axles
  • Digital Display
  • Thumb wheel type "Output" control
  • Advanced internal circuit protection to prevent damage if incorrectly wired
  • 360 degree fitting range
  • No level adjustment required-it adjusts to varying terrain as you drive
  • Unique "Boost" feature for towing different trailers
  • Quick and easy disconnect feature allows user to remove for convenience
  • Meets all Australian Standards
  • Includes mounting bracket, hardware, comprehensive installation instructions & trouble shooting guide
Prodigy P2