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Keeping it cool..

In Australia we just love to get away from home and head for the lake, the beach, or the river.

When you're out fishing and camping you really need to have good refrigeration to take care of that catch.

While a cooler box might last a couple of days, in real heat or when away for longer periods a camping fridge will ensure everything stays cool.

We highly recommend Evakool products. Evakool is an Australian owned company based in Queensland (so they know about heat) and their Australian made products are first quality.


IceKool Iceboxes are insulated polythelene cabinets, designed specifically for our harsh Australian conditions. With an amazing 5 year warranty and high quality poly-nylon fittings these are money well spent. From 10L right up to 200L there is a size for every camper.


The EvaKool fully insulated fibreglass icebox can hold ice from between 5 and 15 days. These come with minimum 40mm iso-polyol insulation and a 5 year warranty.

Available from 47L to 120L.


Fridge Freezers

EvaKool has a range of products meet your needs. From the Danfoss powered Fibreglass fridge freezer to the Fridgemate (a more affordable polythtlene version). Evakool also has the KoolMate & RV range of fridges for the customer wanting a good balance between quality and affordability.

EvaKool 1
EvaKool 2
EvaKool 3

The Travelmate Fridge freezer is an entirely portable unit, perfect for a long weekend or a long holiday. Available from 30L all the way up to 210L - a family size unit suitable for a caravan or mobile home.

Travelmate 1
Travelmate 2