Vehicle Extraction & Recovery

When you're out 4WDing it's best to stay out of trouble, but once you find yourself stuck you need the best equipment to get yourself sorted. We have a great range of winches, from the lightweight, convenient hand winch right through to our 12,000LB premium mounted winch. Tested for use in Australia, our TJM winches will provide the right amount of ‘grunt' in every situation, thanks to the carefully engineered balance of power & speed.

To complement our range of winches we have a great range of other recovery equipment, accessories & replacement parts.

Call or pop in to the shop to learn more about our range of winches & related products, as we've only included a selection here.


TJM Hand winch 2,500LB

  • 20M steel cable
  • 12 month warranty
  • Conveniently stowed in the boot so you can use it on any vehicle without having to lug it around with you everywhere you go
TJM Hand winch 2,500LB

TJM OX 2,500LB Electric ATV winch

  • 2,500LB single line
  • 4 way roller fairlead
  • Wired hand remote
  • 28m steel cable
  • 11kg
  • 12V
  • 2.0hp / 1.5kw permanent magnet motor

TJM 12,000LB winch – Synthetic rope

  • 12,000LB
  • 30m Synthetic rope
  • Wired hand remote
  • 5.5hp/4.0kw, series wound motor
  • 35kg
  • 12V
  • Hawse Fairlead

Recovery Blankets

For your safety we highly recommend using a recovery blanket with your winch – just to make sure you don't get injured when getting your 4WD unstuck.


Recovery Kits

TJM Recovery Kit Small

  • 16mm bow shackles*2
  • Heavy duty leather gloves
  • 8,000kg snatch strap 9m

TJM Recovery Kit Heavy Duty

  • 10,000kg tree trunk protector 5mm*3m
  • 19mm bow shackles*2
  • 8,000 snatch block
  • Heavy duty leather gloves
  • 11,000kg snatch strap 75mm*9m
  • 16mm Bow shackles *2
  • 6,000kg winch extension strap 20m
  • Recovery blanket


  • Safe, simply, quick & easy to use
  • Set of 2
  • Lightweight, 3.6kg
  • 115cm long, 33cm wide, 7cm deep
  • Suits any vehicle
  • Australian designed & engineered
  • Able to link together to make a longer track
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Spare parts & accessories available
  • Fixing & Linking Kit available